Length Converter

Length Converter

Length and Distance conversion calculator

Length Conversion Calculator tool automatically converts and calculates all length measurement of different units from kilometers (km), miles (mi), nautical miles (nmi), meter (m), yards (yd), inches (in), feet (ft) centimeters (cm) up to nanometers.

This length converter allows you to convert from Meter to other units.

Imperial Length Conversion Chart

Starting Multiplier Ending
Inch (in) 0.0833333 Foot (ft)
Inch (in) 0.0277778 Yard (yd)
Inch (in) 1.5783e-5 Mile (mi)
Inch (in) 25.4 Millimetre (mm)
Inch (in) 2.54 Centimetre (cm)
Inch (in) 0.0254 Metre (m)
Inch (in) 2.54e-5 Kilometre (km)
Foot (ft) 12 Inch (in)
Foot (ft) 0.333333 Yard (yd)
Foot (ft) 0.000189394 Mile (mi)
Foot (ft) 304.8 Millimetre (mm)
Foot (ft) 30.48 Centimetre (cm)
Foot (ft) 0.3048 Metre (m)
Foot (ft) 0.0003048 Kilometre (km)
Yard (yd) 36 Inch (in)
Yard (yd) 3 Foot (ft)
Yard (yd) 0.000568182 Mile (mi)
Yard (yd) 914.4 Millimetre (mm)
Yard (yd) 91.44 Centimetre (cm)
Yard (yd) 0.9144 Metre (m)
Yard (yd) 0.0009144 Kilometre (km)
Mile (mi) 63360 Inch (in)
Mile (mi) 5280 Foot (ft)
Mile (mi) 1760 Yard (yd)
Mile (mi) 1.609e+6 Millimetre (mm)
Mile (mi) 160934 Centimetre (cm)
Mile (mi) 1609.34 Metre (m)
Mile (mi) 1.60934 Kilometre (km)

Metric Length Conversion Chart

Starting Multiplier Ending
Millimetre (mm) 0.0393701 Inch (in)
Millimetre (mm) 0.00328084 Foot (ft)
Millimetre (mm) 0.00109361 Yard (yd)
Millimetre (mm) 6.2137e-7 Mile (mi)
Millimetre (mm) 0.1 Centimetre (cm)
Millimetre (mm) 0.001 Metre (m)
Millimetre (mm) 1e-6 Kilometre (km)
Centimetre (cm) 0.393701 Inch (in)
Centimetre (cm) 0.0328084 Foot (ft)
Centimetre (cm) 0.0109361 Yard (yd)
Centimetre (cm) 6.2137e-6 Mile (mi)
Centimetre (cm) 10 Millimetre (mm)
Centimetre (cm) 0.01 Metre (m)
Centimetre (cm) 1e-5 Kilometre (km)
Metre (m) 39.3701 Inch (in)
Metre (m) 3.28084 Foot (ft)
Metre (m) 1.09361 Yard (yd)
Metre (m) 0.000621371 Mile (mi)
Metre (m) 1000 Millimetre (mm)
Metre (m) 100 Centimetre (cm)
Metre (m) 0.001 Kilometre (km)
Kilometre (km) 39370.1 Inch (in)
Kilometre (km) 3280.84 Foot (ft)
Kilometre (km) 1093.61 Yard (yd)
Kilometre (km) 0.621371 Mile (mi)
Kilometre (km) 1e+6 Millimetre (mm)
Kilometre (km) 100000 Centimetre (cm)
Kilometre (km) 1000 Metre (m)