HEX to Binary

HEX to Binary

convert Hexadecimal numbers to binary

The online hex to binary number converter tool is a great tool for anyone who needs to convert a hexadecimal number to a binary number.

How to convert hex to binary number system?

To convert the hexadecimal number into a binary number:

Enter the hex number to be converted.

Click on the "Convert" button to convert it into a binary number.

Your result will be in the output text box, which you can copy or download it for further use.

What is Hexadecimal to Binary Conversion?

Hexadecimal to binary conversion is the process of converting a hexadecimal number with a base of 16 to a binary number with a base of 2. Converting hexadecimal numbers to binary numbers is important as computers only understand the binary language. Hence, all the other types of number systems are also converted to binary numbers. Converting hexadecimal to binary cannot be done directly. The hexadecimal number has to be converted to a decimal number then converted to a binary number. Before we get to the steps of converting, let us look at what are hexadecimal and binary numbers.

How to convert hex to binary?

Convert every hex digit (start lowest digit) to 4 binary digits, with this table:

Hex Binary
0 0000
1 0001
2 0010
3 0011
4 0100
5 0101
6 0110
7 0111
8 1000
9 1001
A 1010
B 1011
C 1100
D 1101
E 1110
F 1111


Convert hex 6C16 to binary:

6C16 = 6 C = 110 1100 = 11011002