Pace Converter

Pace Converter

calculate your pace per kilometer / per mile

The pace calculator is a tool that counts your pace and speed on the basis of the distance you've done and the time you've done it in.

The difference between pace and speed

Firstly, let's make it clear what the difference between pace and speed actually is. Although both values express similar information, they are the reverse of each other. By this, we mean that by counting pace, you find how much time you need to cover a particular distance, while speed is an indicator of the number of kilometers you are able to cover within one hour. As a result, we use different measurement units to express these values. Pace is given in units of time per unit of distance, whereas speed is the distance over time.

In order to count speed and pace all by yourself, you need 2 formulas:

  1. Speed (km/h) = distance (km) / time (h).

  2. Pace (sec/km) = time (sec) / distance (km).

Let's take an example. If we move 50 km within 1 hour, our:

  • Speed amounts to:

    50 km / 1 h = 50 km/h

  • Pace amounts to:

    3600 sec / 50 km = 72 sec/km

Although these two equations are not very complicated, it's easy to mix them up. That's why it's worth using the pace calculator, which can save us from any mistakes.

What is a good running pace run in km/h?

It all depends on your physical condition, but some references are:

  • A fast amateur man runs at 4:18 min/km; meanwhile, a fast amateur woman runs at 5:14 min/km, on average. Accordingly to our pace calculator, that means 13.95 km/h and 11.46 km/h, respectively.

  • Elite athletes have a running pace of 13.7 km/h in the case of a woman and 15.45km/h in the case of a man, as per our running pace calculator.

How to calculate your pace per km?

To calculate your pace per kilometer, measure the distance you covered and the time it took to complete the distance. Divide the time taken by the distance covered to get your pace per kilometer.

For example, if you covered 5 km in 25 minutes, your pace per km would be:

Pace = Time taken / Distance covered
Pace = 25 min / 5 km
Pace = 5 min / km

Your pace per km is 5 minutes per kilometer (or 5 min/km). This means you took 5 minutes to cover each kilometer of the distance you ran or walked.

How to improve my running pace?

To help improve your running pace, follow these steps:

  1. Get an app or digital watch that can indicate speed/pace.

  2. Use GreatWebTool's pace calculator to set a speed goal: You have to input the desired distance and time you want to achieve. Here you will obtain your speed goal.

  3. Try to reach and keep your desired speed every time you run. If faster, the better.